About Dr. Leena Y Tamhane

I (Dr Leena Tamhane) am a practising homooeopath (Reg no 28759 ) since 18 yrs practising at kalwa (Thane) I am an ardent student of Homeopathy & follower of Classical Homeopathy. I believe that strength of homoeopathy lies in its evident effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through promotion of inner balance at mental and physical levels. The concept of disease in homoeopathy is that disease is a total affection of mind and body . I have done a certificate course in counselling skills and acertificate course in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy from Institute of psychological health Thane , which helps me in understanding the psyche of patients that enable me to offer quick & snapshot prescriptions based on my approach of holistic and individualized treatment of each patient.


  • "Dr Leena Thank you ! I am thankful to you for treating my knee pain with homoeopathic medicines and making me painfree. Earlier I had consulted an orthopedic and was prescribed painkillers.these medicines lead to acidity. But your homoeopathic medicines and the physiothetapy adviced by you completely cured my knee pain. You have even treated my spondylosis pain with homoeopathic medicines and the best part is there are no side effects .thank you again and wish you best of luck."

    Chaya Tipnis - Dadar

  • "I have been a patient of Dr Leena and visits to her clinic have always been a positive and informative experience. She is very thorough and complete in herdiagnosis of the conditionof my health and is willing to take the time to discuss any issue I may have. She is genuinely concerned with my physical wellbeing as she not only prescribes medicine but also provides guidance and advice on health matters."

    Jay jatania - kalwa, Thane

  • "Since many days I had black patches on my legs. I had tried all possible treatments but no results then someone suggested me about Dr Leena without wasting any time I consulted her. After taking a detailed history she prescribed me some homoeopathic medicines I followed her advice thoroughly the black patches disappeared. . Thank you Dr Leena and wish you good luck."

  • "In june 2003 I had slight slip disc problem I was admitted in a hospital and was given traction but the pain persisted I was having pain while standing I started my homoeopathic treatment from Dr Leena and gradually my pains reduced within 1 to 11/2 months I completely recovered. In Nov 2015 I had severe pain and was not able to sit, stand or even lie down It was far worse than 2003 The pain was so intense that I was immediately hospitalised and given traction, pain killers , injections but the pain still continued. I lost my self confidence I thought I wont be able to stand again .The doctors advised me to undergo surgery I somehow took discharge from the hospital and called Dr Leena. She started the treatment. I used to contact her for all my ailments on phone .as I was not able to walk during that period. Gradually with her advise and medicines my pain reduced .I could stand. She helped me regain my confidence I truly thank her from bottom of my heart and wish her good luck for her new venture "

    Prachi parab - kalwa, Thane

  • "In 2005 I consulted Dr Leena for prolonged menstrual bleeding and have got excellent results with her treatment. Since then I have been taking her treatment she has also cured me of chronic corrhyza .she instantaneously connects with her patients and develop a bond of friendship and trust with them. We can say she is not just my family phisician but a good friend her medicines have always given good results. The medicated hair oil prepared with homoeopathic medicines cured my dandruff problem completely she gives guidance in all health matters and cares for her patients. I wish her luck for her online clinic."

Cases treated by Dr. Leena Y Tamhane :


01. Arthritis

Arthritis is a general term for numerous conditions that affect bone joints; scientists do not know exactly what cause arthritis. Some think the disease is genetic-something that is inherited from your parents.