To avail the facility of online consultation, please study the general terms & conditions as also the rate chart given below. If the terms & rates are acceptable to you, send an e-mail by clicking the I Agree' button below.. and write subject of e- mail as pls.send case profoma. On receipt of your e-mail, a special questionaire for detailed case-history will be e- mailed to you.Consultation &/or treatment will begin only on receipt of the duly filled questionaire & the required amount at the appropriate address which will be communicated to you.


1) All cases taken up for treatment &/or consultation are studied in detail using a special software and special skills are applied for consideration of your case.

2) The best quality of medicines are used for dispensing.

3) The medicines if asked for, will be delivered to the patient by courier. 

4) Since the consultation &/or treatment will have to take place without physical examination of the patient & without actually seeing the patient's past medical records & investigation reports, it is not possible to offer a 100% guarantee of cure.In case of being unable to achieve a cure, the patient or his/her relatives will have no right to ask for any financial &/or other claims/damages. Also Refer Refund policy.

5) As has been mentioned elsewhere in this site, homeopathic medicines when taken under the guidance of a qualified homeopathic physician is free from side-effects. Hence any untoward development taking place during the period of treatment will not be blamed on the medicines or consultation offered& the patient will have no right to ask for any damages with respect to the same. Also refer disclaimer.

6) If the medicines are already dispatched then you would not get refund for that amount .You can get refund only if you make decision before dispatch of medicines. Remaining amount will be refunded after deduction of processing charges and all the expenses borne by us for this procedure. We hope our patients will appreciate the need for inclusion of the above disclaimers due to the nature of online consultation,though it does sound a little harsh in context of the noble profession of a doctor.Also refer refund policy.

7) All payment must be made by e-transfer/ Paytm/ Bank Transfer You Can also remit money by online transfer by NEFT ,SWIFT ETC

Please send a scanned copy of payment made to our mail id

Rates: Given below are rate plans for Indian & non-Indian residents.Each plan offers two choices :1) Only consultation or 2) Consultation & treatment. It is advisable to opt for the only consultation plan if & only if a reliable homeopathic pharmacist is available in your vicinity from where genuine homeopathic medicines can be purchased by you. This plan has been devised only to cut down on the courier time & charges.If one opts for this plan, the names & doses of the medicines to be taken will be communicated via e-mail, but it is strictly advised to take them only for the duration indicated.If continued beyond the advised duration, it would be entirely at your own risk & could prove detrimental. In the consultation & treament plan, the medicines will be delivered to the patient by courier as indicated in the rate chart.

    Rates for Indian residents (people staying in India during treatment):
  • Only Consultation 1 month: Rs.1500 /- (2 consultations )​
  • Consultation & Treatment 1 month: Rs.2000/- (1 consultation, 1 courier)
  • Only Consultation 3 months: Rs3000/- (6 consultations)​
  • Consultation & Treatment 3 months: Rs.4500/- (3 consultations, 2 couriers)
  • Only Consultation 6 months: Rs.5000/- (8-9 consultations)
  • Consultation & Treatment 6 months: Rs.7500/- ( 6 consultations, 4 couriers)
  • Acute prescribings 1week- Rs .500/- (Medicine and courier charges extra* ( not exceeding Rs125/- for a weeks medicine) Family discounts:  third / fourth member- 10% discount on all plans. **Plan rates are subject to change**

Rates for people based outside India  (includes Indians staying outside India) Only Consultation 1 month: $30 (2 consultations - Amount to be paid in INR)​ 3 months: $50(6 consultations - Amount to be paid in INR)​ 6 months: $100 (12 consultations - Amount to be paid in INR)  Acute prescribings 1week -$10/- (only prescription) * (INR) . 

Family discounts: second /third / fourth member- 5 % discount on all consultation plans, no discount on medicines. 

Sending medicine to patients abroad will be with mutual understanding with patient, it will be discussed with patient during consultation.

Charges may vary according to different countries.

Some countries doesnt allow homeopathic medicines  in such situation  patient himself should  try  to carry  these medicines with the help of courier service. .

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